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12/21/2021 | 8:50 pm EST | 37℉ Clear Night Sky
Mood: Somewhat Anxious / Excited

I did it! I finally finished and uploaded my new layout!!! I will eventually work on a background to match and do more updates here and there. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the design (even though my html / css coding kinda sucks lol).

  • Layout Image added
  • Redesigned Link List
  • Resized Tables & Fonts
  • Layout Position Updated

12/13/2021 | 11:20 pm EST | 36℉ Clear Night Sky
Mood: Normal

Currently working on a cute layout for the site - using Clip Studio Paint. I'm about halfway done with it and hopefully it turns out decent! I'm hoping to get it put on this week so I can finally do some organizing of the site.

  • Images have been added
  • Coding is being tweaked constantly (I am so rusty!)

11/19/2021 | 8:00 pm EST | 30℉ Clear Night Sky
Mood: Sleepy

Site Color Scheme: #4AFFE8 #9D8BE0 #FFFFFF #FFC0CB

  • Etsy Link added
  • Chatbox added
  • Scrollbar coding added
  • Site Link Buttons added
  • Working on entire basic layout of the site right now.